Great Living Seminar with G. Bermant PhD – June 5th – Registration open

Great Living Seminar with G. Bermant PhD

Great Living is born of the Prayer of Absolute Compassion


Take the opportunity to explore, learn, and practice Buddhism with Dr. Gordon Bermant, one of America’s most well-known Shin teachers.


Using the insightful and easy to read book “Great Living” by Kemmyo Taira Sato, it will  present the essential tenets of the Shin Buddhist path in fresh, engaging, and down-to-earth language, that uncovers fresh historical, spiritual, and religious perspectives for anyone on the Buddhist path. It discloses a non-dual Pure Land path that finds philosophical kinship with Zen but has been little discussed in the West.


The Great Living Seminar will explore the classic Shin Buddhist text, Tannisho, the sayings of the foremost and founder teacher of the Shin tradition, Shinran Shonin. This new translation into modern American English with its rich commentaries brings to life the heart of this extraordinary path that is open to anyone, at any time.

IMPORTANT: The seminar does not require the participants to read the book; the presentation will cover the important aspects of the book and Dr. Bermant’s insights from the teaching.


It does not matter if you are new to Buddhism or a practicing Buddhist, everyone will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding to a teaching of wisdom and compassion, and the boundless light of Amida Buddha.


Visit and register at our NE Institute for Buddhist Studies’ web site


Time & Place: The seminar will meet on a Sunday, June 5, 2016, at 12 noon, at the Buddhist Faith Fellowship, 343 Washington Terrace, in Middletown. The workshop will approximately 2.5 hours.