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Your Life. Our Family. One Dharma. Together.

Welcome to the Buddhist Faith Fellowship! We encourage you to explore our web site and take a look at everything we have to offer you.  Moreover, our web site serves as a comprehensive space to learn about the classic and Shin Buddhist teachings. We are confident that you will find our Fellowship a caring and experiential place to study and practice Buddhism as an applied philosophy of life and a deeply spiritual path that leads to greater inner-happiness, well-being, and liberation.

Since 2001, it has been our vision and dedication to share, what we call the One Dharma, the blending of traditional Buddhist and Shin Buddhist teachings, with a modern understanding and novel practices, together with current scientific discoveries, especially in the fields of evolutionary psychology, cognitive psychology, and physics.  What’s more, our One Dharma approach offers politics-free meetings, that serve as a mental and emotional safe refuge from irrational and harmful philosophies, and cultish political ideologies that have overwhelmed so many of today’s institutions, not to mention many North American Buddhist organizations.

Our mostly online community is made up of small but vibrant groups that stand on the solid bedrock of the dharma, the mixture of classic and innovative Buddhist teachings with its traditional values, and transformational practices, that are based on wisdom and compassion, and the awakening of immeasurable life and light.

We are looking forward to seeing you in one or more of these insightful and community oriented occasions.

In gratitude,

— Founder/Senior Dharma Teacher Rev. Daishin Senpai, M.A. & Dharma Teacher Ikuse