Relieving the Fears and Anxieties of Life-Threatening Illness
A talk by Patricia Shelton

Patricia Shelton is the founder of the Clear Light Society, a charitable organization serving the terminally ill and their families since 1977. Ms. Shelton will discuss the use of nonsectarian practices, which she has pioneered and developed. Through the aid of these practices, the sick person discovers that the worries and distress that occupy the mind can gradually subside, suffusing the mind with deep calm. Repeated Clear Light sessions create a respite from fears, worries, and other painful states of mind. As serenity is developed and expanded, the mind gradually attains the calmness of a still pond. At this point, peaceful heart, clear mind are not just words, but a harmonious state of being beyond hope and fear.

Ms. Shelton has assisted hundreds of terminally ill patients, not only during the final months of life, but also at the very moment of death. She has trained doctors, nurses, chaplains, psychologists, social workers, and other hospice personnel, as well as families, in these fresh, dynamic processes.

A meditation teacher since 1970, Ms. Shelton also introduced an accredited course in!
meditation at Boston University, which she taught from 1985 to 2000. She currently divides her time between Florida and New England as well as giving teachings in other locations by invitation.

Thursday, February 12, 7:00 P.M.
300 George Street (ground floor -Suite 157), New Haven, CT

Suggested minimum donation $10 per participant
561-543-1539 / 860-529-2933