Special field trip to Chuang Yen Monastery, Carmel, NY on June 27, 2015

Dharma Friends,

You are invited to come along with our Pure Land Buddhist class for an informal field trip to the beautiful Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel, NY on June 27, 2015. You don’t have to be a member of the class or even a member of our Fellowship to participate.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Buddhist teachings and culture, and enjoy a beautiful day with others. So, bring your family and friends.

To learn more about the monastery and get directions by visiting http://www.baus.org/en/?cat=14

a. It takes 90 min. from Hartford/Middletown to arrive at the monastery, just off I-84 New York. Visit Google maps, MapQuest or use your GPS.

b. Arriving at Monastery at 10 a.m. At this point, we’ll stretch our legs and have the restroom break. Try to arrive on time at 10 a.m. so we can meet in the parking lot. If not, we can meet near the restrooms at the left front side of the Great Buddha Hall.

c. Guided tour begins at 10:30 a.m. (in front of Great Buddha Hall) and will last approx.1 hour.

d. Chinese vegetarian lunch at 12 noon. (cost $6 per person)

e. 1 p.m. is the Pure Land class; it will be book discussion on A Journey to Other Power by Jeff Wilson. Non-class members are welcomed to join the class. It will last approximately 45 min. Location of the class has not yet been determined. If it is a nice day, we can have the class outside in a gazebo near the lotus pond.

f. Otherwise, after lunch it will be free time. There is a 1) gift shop, 2) a library with thousands of books on Buddhism, 3) beautiful grounds to walk, contemplate, meditate or run (if you have children), and 4) in the Great Buddha Hall, they give out many free Buddhist books of many titles.

g. Nearby you can visit the little hamlet of Carmel, New York.

h. You can return home when you like. If you decide to car pool, be sure to first let others know when you need to return to CT.