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Sunday school starts on Sunday, September 7th. Registration Please access the enrollment form via our website by clicking the link below.

Awareness, Balance and Compassion

Our Sunday school focuses on developing awareness, emotional self-management, and compassionate life-skills through the Buddha’s teachings, and is inspired by other proven secular educational models such as the classic Montessori learning method and Susan Kaiser-Greenland’s innovative Inner Kids Program.
Our curriculum is a modern integration of traditional Buddhist teachings together with secular educational strategies and techniques. We teach our students a new set of ABCs that move well beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our Buddhist Threefold ABCs are Awareness, Balance and Compassion. Awareness means 1) living a mindful and grateful life informed by love, the entrusting heart, and understanding, 2) being cognizant of the interconnectedness of life, and 3) becoming a life-long learner; and Balance denotes 1) inner composure and emotional intelligence, 2) living the middle way in daily situations, and 3) making right choices; Compassion signifies 1) being kind to and taking care of oneself and others, 2) respecting and being open to others, and 3) taking an active role in helping other beings and the world. They are considered threefold because each is interdependent with each other: you cannot have one without the other two components. For instance, awareness comprises of balance and compassion while compassion is subject to awareness and balance.

Our goal is to offer your child the very best Sunday School experience that is consistent with the Buddha’s teachings, modern science, and psychology, effective educational pedagogy, as well as traditional and contemporary meditative training.


These scholarships are available to greatly offset the cost of the Sunday School tuition with the promise of providing some work for the duration of your child attendance at the school. Additionally, the work provided is a good opportunity to engage with our teachers, staff, and children to make a positive difference in their lives.

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