Summer Mindfulness Retreat

Our 15th annual morning mindfulness retreat will take place at the beautiful College of East Asian Studies in Middletown, CT. The theme is This Present Moment, which underscores non-judgmental awareness, the Now, and the vast web of interconnectedness. Our 3-hour morning retreat includes: basic sitting meditation instruction, conscious breathing, sitting, walking, and voice meditation, and noble silence.

Sign up in advance only. See web page for registration deadline HERE

No prerequisites: for beginner to the most experienced

Cost: $35 for friends & public, and $25 for supporting members

Open to the general public including friends, non-buddhists, buddhists & supporting members

What to wear? Loose, causal, & non-distracting clothing and socks. Participants may bring a bottle of water. Zafus (cushions) and chairs are available.

About the Unique Meditation Space

Our meditation space is unmatched in Connecticut. You might have to go to Japan to experience a similar traditional atmosphere. The room is adorned with lightly colored wood with traditional designs that create a serene ambiance that soothes the mind and senses. An entire wall is a clear glass window that overlooks a spectacular Zen garden and adjacent tatami room.