Attend, Practice & Learn.

Come and explore the core teachings and practices of Buddhism, as a philosophy of life and deep spiritual practice, that blends classic Buddhism with novel Shin Buddhist teachings, with one of Connecticut’s most well-known Buddhist teachers, Rev. Daishin Senpai, M.A..

Our gatherings are a wonderful way to make new friends who seek an meaningful and well-lived life. We delve into how the Buddhist teachings can be practically applied in daily life: in relation with oneself, family, friends, colleagues, and the greater world. Moreover, we examine how to work with confusion, attachments, and aversions, and how to flourish within the ebb and flow of change. In our meetings, we learn how true entrusting, gratitude, and received wisdom and compassion are the interconnected nexus to ultimate spiritual liberation.

Our in-person meetings at Wesleyan University include sitting meditation, ancient chants, incense offering, Q & A, and so much more. Open to the general public, beginners, and veteran practitioners alike.

This week, we will be exploring the Rev. (Dr.) Taitetsu Unno’s modern classic, “River of Fire, River of Water”.  Visit our Meetup or Facebook groups to learn about the chapter to be discussed; the chapter will be named in the title of the event’s announcement.  Also, you can click on our Connect tab, to sign-up for our newsletter.  Remember, you don’t need to read anything to attend and enjoy the meeting.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you give yourself time to arrive in-person before the 9 a.m. meeting.

Our Location: Our location is unequaled in Connecticut, which includes an authentic Zen garden and tatami room.

Parking: Limited parking on Washington Terrace but there is plenty on Mt. Vernon Street which is the side street, next to the center.

Meeting Rules: Practice kind speech, be courteous, and abstain from talking about current politics or display or wear political or offensive symbols or imagery.

Suggested Donation: $10 -$15 (cash or check) to help cover costs for our Wesleyan expenses, internet services, our extensive outreach efforts, Meetup, and standard operating costs. Thank you in advance for your generous support.

*We meet once or twice a month; except summer recess, and a few other occasions, and the availability of Rev. Senpai M.A.