Our Tradition

While we are anchored to and inspired by the teachings of the historical Buddha, as well, we are informed by the great masters throughout the ages, and the innumerable teachers and lay people who sought to clarify, deepen, and extend the teachings to others.

Aroused by the many examples of Buddhist social movements and societies of the past, we are motivated to meet the social and environmental challenges of our generation. We look to the iconoclastic Buddhist contemplative traditions as an effective skillful means to better cultivate a calm and lucid heart and mind in order to be receptive to the spiritual light within us.

We are open to wisdom where ever it may be found in all Buddhist traditions and the entirety of world spirituality. Notably, as an innovative Western spiritual community, some of us are exploring the many common treads between early Buddhist and Stoic philosophies and practices, and have become better practitioners through the down-to-earth wisdom and complimentary practices of the Greek and Roman Stoic masters such as Zeno, Epictetus, and Seneca.

Our Guiding Community Principles

Our Fellowship honors the Six Principles of Harmony, taught by the historical Buddha, over 2,500 years ago in Northern India. These Six Principles are our organization’s guiding values. The Buddhist Faith Fellowship diligently seeks to maintain a harmonious, friendly, and open-minded atmosphere.  The Six Principles of Harmony are:

1.  Share similar viewpoints and aspirations.

2.  Practice the same ethical precepts.

3.  Live and practice peacefully together.

4.  Abstain from quarreling and bickering.

5.  Experience the inner peace and joy that results from community practice.

6.  Share our benefits so as to be a blessing to each other and to the world.

In case of conflict between dharma friends, the Fellowship has adopted the following voluntary peace process to restore harmony. Click here for details.