This is a kind of post that provides the name and contact information for one of our officers or staff. These show up automatically on the “People” page.

To create a new person post use the “+New” menu on the top menu bar that appears at the top of the screen when you are logged in, or use the “People|Add New” menu from the sidebar on any admin page.

To edit an existing person post click the Edit button on the person page.

If you can’t get to the page, go directly to the site admin dashboard at, or use  “<site name>|Edit Site” on the top menu bar if you are already logged in. Then select “People|All People” on the sidebar, find the person using the Search function if necessary, and click “Edit.”

An entry should have the following:

  • The person’s name as the title.
  • A brief biographical description.
  • An email address. (The WordPress antispambot function is used to help deter automated email harvesting.)
  • Use “Set Featured Image” to attach a photo.
  • Optionally add the URL of a personal web site.