Buddhist Video Teachings

Below are some practical and easy-to-follow teachings on how to use the Buddhism in everyday life.  We are grateful to the Buddhist Society of Western Australia for offering the majority of the videos. If you live in Connecticut and are interested in learning more on Buddhism,  consider attending our Practice & Talks on the the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month and take our Buddhism 1.0 course. More videos are forthcoming.

The Four Ways of Letting Go by Ajahn Brahm

Happiness & Self-Healing Through Mindfulness by Ajahn Brahm


Impermanence: Everything Will Be Alright by Ajahn Khemavaro

Life Without Sila (Ethics) Is Like A Car Without Brakes by Ajahn Amaro

How to deal with Difficult People? by Ajahn Brahm

On Relationships by Bhikkhuni Hasapanna

Early Buddhist History and Teachings

The Real Buddha by Ajahn Bramali

Early Buddhism presented by Stephen Batchelor, Bodhi Institute

Was the Buddha a Hindu? An exploration of Buddhist History by Bhante Sujato