Buddhism 101 Course: Awareness, Balance, and Compassion

Learn about the Buddhist path from the ground up. Who was the Buddha and his disciples, and the Eightfold Path? What is meditation? How do can you meditate?  What are the Buddha’s teachings for ordinary working people?


Our Buddhism Course 101 is offered to all those interested in surveying the Buddha’s life and teachings, and how they are applied to 21st century American life. Since 2004, this course has been the New England Institute of Buddhist Studies’ most popular and comprehensive course, and considered the number one Buddhist course in Connecticut.  It is open to beginners to intermediate levels. The classes meet only 6 times over a 6 month period of time.


6 months that will change your life

This comprehensive 101 course is known for its insightful class discussions and plenty of opportunities to learn and practice the necessary spiritual tools to help you awaken to the Oneness of Reality and discover your life’s purpose.  The vast majority of the students who previously have taken this course have commented that this course has been the key vehicle in their personal and spiritual transformation. Most would say that 101 is not just a course but a unique experience that helps you realize your inner potential of understanding, faith, and compassion.


Registration closes on January 13, 2015.


To learn more about the Buddhism 101 Course, visit our New England Institute for Buddhist Studies here.


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