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Mindfulness/Loving-­kindness Luncheon

Come and join us to celebrate mindfulness & universal love Sunday, March 16th 12:30pm-2:30pm Buddhist Benefit Luncheon & Mindfulness Meditation at Lan Chi’s Vietnamese Restaurant 505 Main St. Middletown, CT 25% of proceeds will benefit the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of CT. Come join us for a delicious meal, mindfulness practices, and help support a local…

Life is a Process of Change and Growth

[Description] A look into the deep spirituality and basic values of Shin Buddhism. This well-done and inspirational video explores why Shin is attracted to Westerners and how its changes lives. This video is from the Honpa Honganji Mission of Hawaii. Presented by Rev. D. Senpai.

Buddhist Film Festival February Feature

Words of My Perfect Teacher — filmed over 3 continents and 3 years- provides an up close look at the life of Khyentse Norbu – a modern day Rimpoche — who is also a filmmaker (The Cup, Travelers and Magicians) and one of the world’s most eminent Tibetan Buddhist teachers.

Why Am I A Buddhist and particularly a Shin Buddhist?

Dharma Teacher Shoju will explore the Buddha’s teachings to discover how they inspire us the path to true entrusting and ease suffering. What makes the Buddha’s way so attractive to people? Why is the Shin Way so appealing? Presented by Shoju

Loving-kindness Luncheon

Come and join us to celebrate Valentine’s Day **We will share a potluck meal **We will learn how to practice Loving-Kindness (aka Metta) Meditation. Loving-Kindness Meditation is a skillful way to cultivate love and compassion for yourself and others. It is a simple yet powerful tool to enhance your meditation practice. Please come with an…

Nirvana Day

Commemorating the passing of the historical Buddha into parinirvana, a special ceremony will take place in remembrance of this event. This will be followed by meditation, chanting and a talk on death titled, “Our Greatest Fear”. In this talk, learn about death from the Buddhist perspective. What do Buddhists mean by the statement, “nothing is…

One Pure Moment of Deep Hearing

This talk will explore the central Shin practice called ‘deep hearing.” What is it? What are practitioners supposed to hear or listen to? This talk will cover the presenter’s person experience with deep hearing and its transformative effects. Dojin is one of the contributors of the BFF’s book “I Stumbled Upon A Jewel” and this…