Join our online Practice & Talk Meeting on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. There is no experience or knowledge necessary with Buddhism to participate in our online gathering. Just attend, learn, and practice with Rev Daishin Senpai and with friendly and open-minded fellowship friends.

Our online format that includes many of the familiar elements practiced during our regular in-person service such as sitting meditation, chanting, discussion, Q & A, and more. We hope you can practice with us this coming Sunday.  Topics of our talk and discussion can include an exploration of the Buddha’s discourses (suttas & sutras), the Dhammapada (The Sayings of the Buddha) and its accompanying stories, a look into the parables, or other topics relevant to modern practice.

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Notes on Rev. D. Senpai’s Talk:

All is burning with Ignorance, attachment & aversion ´Enchanted vs disenchanted

Enchanted by the senses of objects – they seems satisfying

Disenchantment (Nibbindanti) – turned away, weariness, disgust, undeceived, indifferent

Buddhagosa’s analogy of the eel hunter: 3 strips = poisonous snake – Swamp = samsara, eel hunter = meditator

Meditator looks for the unconditioned mind (eel/nirvana)  but finds instead only conditioned dharmas (snakes)

 3 strips symbolize: 3 characteristics of existence – dukkha,  impermanence, & not-self (shunyata) ´Practicing dharma akin to draining the swamp, one snake at a time ´Practicing “Not me mindset” – clear vision – all phenomena is seen to have these 3 characteristics ´You understand the primordial addiction = the mind wants to grasps objects (craving) tanha

Sometimes you may think the next one will be even better – the mind is never satisfied – in meditation one will see the mind constantly throwing out objects – monkey mind – (in meditation the only difference is to make this process conscious)  – the practice of nibbida

Samsara is like kaleidoscope of 3 broken glass – (3 char. of exist.) – turn it & begin the tour of 6 planes of existence (realms of divas, asuras, humans, animals, hungry ghosts & hell beings) – we experience everything via 6 senses & these are all burning with 3 poisons) Clear Seeing/Vision = seeing things as they are & Nibbindanti

Samsara is our doing(not going to another sense object), Nirvana is the stopping of that doing  (cooling)