Regrettably, we must inform you that this week’s Practice & Talk Meeting needs to be cancelled. The facilitator of the meeting, Rev. D. Senpai M.A., has been sick with Covid-19 for the past few days and will not be able to attend. He asked us to continue studying the Primal Vow, found in Chapter 4 of Rev. Taitetsu Unno’s classic book, “River of Fire, River of Fire”. When he get’s better, he’ll post a couple of videos on the Facebook group to help further the exploration. Rev. Senpai emphasizes that the supreme importance of the Primal Vow is how it applies to our own personal life, and not just as an enticing abstract idea. Our following scheduled meeting will look into the Primal Vow from Chapter 4. Remember, you don’t need to have read the chapter to enjoy attending the meeting. At a later time, the web site, Meetup and Facebook schedules will be updated.
For the mothers in our sangha, Rev. Senpai’s wishes you a wonderfully blessed Mother’s Day. He is looking forward to seeing you next time. Let’s us pray for his speedy recovery.
Namu Amida Butsu – The BFF of CT