The Gospel of Thomas: the Buddhist Jesus?

Lost for 1,600 years…

Jesus: our Bodhisattva
Jesus: The Teacher of Enlightenment

The below website link will connect you with a different image of Jesus of Nazareth that most of you are not familiar with. Our Gospel of Thomas website offers an open-minded exploration of the parallel mystical sayings and belief system of Jesus with Shin and Zen Buddhist teachings. Included are wonderful links with commentaries and historical analysis.

Parallel Sayings & Teachings

Exploring the Gospel of Thomas, we discover that Jesus believed the self and the divine to be identical and one. Furthermore the Kingdom of God is not in the future but is “right here.” and one only needs to be awakened to this perfection. Jesus, in this gospel, speaks of enlightenment, the same type that is taught by Shakyamuni Buddha, Shin teachers and Zen Masters. In addition Thomas does not have a narrative story line but just 114 sayings attributed to Jesus, many of which are akin to Zen koans and have parallel Buddhist sources. Here, Jesus is never presented as a Savior, but rather as a spiritual guide who is equal to his students. In addition, the Gospel of Thomas does not contain a supernatural virgin birth. It does not teach of original sin …

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 Jesus said: Therefore I say that if one is unified, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided one will be filled with darkness.
–Gospel of Thomas