Buddhist Spirituality & Recovery Meetup

Discover liberation from suffering

WE WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU to our new Buddhist Spirituality & Recovery Group, a Meetup chapter of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut. Formerly, we were under the name, the 12 Step Buddhist and Recovery Meetup but we have since revamped our approach by integrating our meetings with the open-to-the-public Practice & Talk Meetings of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship, located in the Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies in Middletown, Connecticut.

The blend of traditional Buddhism with Shin Buddhist teachings offers an innovative and powerful combination to guide ordinary practitioners, as well as those in recovery, into a life of true entrusting and grace through the working of Other Power (Tariki). The Shin Buddhist path very much compliments the 12 Step approach to recovery, which emphasizes letting go of one’s egoic self to the all-encompassing and Inconceivable Life and Light.

In many ways, we are all seeking recovery from suffering (dukkha) as taught in the Buddha’s First Noble Truth. Therefore, we welcome anyone who is struggling in their life’s journey, with or without addiction, including their family, friends, and other relationships, who seek to cultivate a little understanding, peace, and wholesome guidance through the 2,500 year old Buddhist path.

Our pubic meetings include an inspirational buddhist liturgy with scriptural readings, voice and silent meditation, mindfulness practices, and plenty of discussion. Since 2001, the Buddhist Faith Fellowship has been dedicated to living within Buddhist spirituality through practice.

Please note, we are no longer a Buddhist 12 step meeting group, nor do we claim that our present meetings are a sole substitute for those struggling with substance or other addictions. Our approach is a complimentary path for anyone who seeks recovery and liberation from suffering. On the road to full recovery from addiction, it is advisable to see a professional therapist, doctor, counselor, etc.

For more information and schedule meetings, visit the Buddhist Spirituality & Recovery Meetup at meetup.com/meditation-469.