Workshop: Helping at the Moment of Death

A Unique Training Opportunity

for End of Life Care

This two-day training event is focused primarily on techniques for providing assistance during the final days and hours of life.  It is based on the fresh, dyadic, meditative model originated by Founding Director Patricia Shelton in 1971 specifically for aiding the old, the sick and the dying.  These Clear Light practices have proved consistently helpful, sometimes startlingly and dramatically so (i.e. helping the terminally ill person beyond physical and emotional pain altogether.)

The facilitator of this event, Melissa Lewis, RN, BSN, has been actively engaged in advanced training for this work as well as other meditative and contemplative practices with Ms. Shelton since 1995. Throughout this time, she has seen first-hand the benefits of these practices in both her professional career as a Registered Nurse, as well as in providing end of life care for her own family and friends. She has taught meditation groups in Florida and Connecticut and now serves as the Director of Training and Services for the Clear Light Society.

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