Buddha’s Birthday Practice – Open to Public

Celebrate  and practice Flower Festival, known as Hana-masturi in Japan, which honors the birth of the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama over 2,500 years ago. This special Buddhist Family Practice meeting will be open to the entire Buddhist Faith Fellowship congregation and the general public. Non-buddhists and newcomers are welcomed.

Come and join us in an illustrated presentation of the birth story (great for kids) presented by our teacher Senpai; in addition, learn about the basic teachings of the Buddha, wash and offer flowers to the baby Buddha, experience sacred chant, and more.

Bring flower(s) to offer to the baby Buddha on the altar. This community event is perfect for new to Buddhism, families and friends.

Another birthday celebration. In addition, this date commemorates the 16th anniversary of the founding of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship by our teacher, Senpai. He started his ministry on Flower Festival in 2001 in his little apartment in Bristol, Connecticut with only five others in attendees.

About Buddhist Family Practice. On Sunday mornings we offer families with children a nourishing environment to practice mindfulness and learn traditional Buddhist teachings such as compassion, interdependence, and gratitude.  It follows the general format of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship’s regular weekly gathering, but in a shorter, more relaxed format, with elements tailored to children under 13.  Babies and Toddlers (with parent or guardian) are welcome too!  We try to be as inclusive as possible.

Please dress comfortably and bring your own meditation cushion/mat. Younger children are welcome to bring a stuffed animal for “buddy breathing” meditation. Refer to our Meetup Calendar for any updates/changes.

To learn more about BFP, visit and join our Meetup site for location at https://www.meetup.com/MindfulKids/events/

About the Unique Meditation Space. The meditation space is unmatched in Connecticut. You might have to go to Japan to experience a similar traditional atmosphere. The room is adorned with lightly colored wood with traditional designs that create a serene ambiance that soothes the mind and senses.  An entire wall is a clear glass window that overlooks a spectacular Zen garden and adjacent tatami room.

Suggested donation: $10 per family, $10 per single adult.