Since 2004, the New England Institute of Buddhist Studies has been Connecticut’s premier Buddhist educational center. Located in Middletown, we offer courses, workshops and seminars that have been designed to deepen your understanding and practice of the Buddhist tradition.  Additionally, we provide periodic mindfulness retreats, meditation classes, and comprehensive leadership and teaching certification programs.

Upcoming Events

Drop-in Class & Practice at the BFF of CT – February 28.

The Moment of Death Training Weekend in New Jersey – February 13-14.

The Path of Bliss Seminar – February 14 & March 15.

The Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path Seminar – April 10 & May 15.


  • The New England Institute for Buddhist Studies is Connecticut's premier Buddhist educational center offering a full array of courses, workshops and retreats.


The New England Institute of Buddhist Studies (NEIBS) provides a caring,  non-dogmatic, and open environment to help flower your inner potential of understanding, faith and compassion so you can walk the Buddha’s path.

We are dedicated to deepen your personal engagement with the Buddha’s teachings through a variety of practical courses, workshops and retreats – without interrupting your professional or personal obligations.

The New England Institute of Buddhist Studies opens up many pathways for lifelong spiritual learning designed for ordinary working people whether you are a beginner or advanced, young or old, single or married, student or professional, working or retired, or buddhist or non-buddhist. Come as you are.

NEIBS is the direct educational arm of the Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut in Middletown, which is a tax-exempt, non-profit membership organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the U.S. Tax Code.

Calendar of Events

Current and past programs.

Peaceful Heart, Clear Mind Amidst Life Threatening Illness – October 5, 2015.

Discovering Shin Buddhism Course – October 18.

Autumn Mindfulness Retreat – October 28.

The Awakening of the Heart Course – November 1.

Moment of Death Workshop with Melissa Lewis – November 7 & 8.

Gratitude and Listening Meditation Workshop – November 21.

The Promise of Boundless Compassion Course – January 17, 2016.

Non-Violent Communication Workshops – Coming in 2016.

Drop-in Class & Practice – January 2016.

Death Cafe – ongoing.

Moment of Death Training – ongoing.

The Path of Bliss Seminar – February 10 & March 15.

The Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path – April 10 & May 15.