Buddha Gaia

Integrate the dharma with the natural world

Buddha Gaia is our informal outdoor and open-air travel Meetup group dedicated to helping people of all ages explore and appreciate the natural world through the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness, loving-kindness  (metta), interconnectedness, and impermanence.

Buddha Gaia offers activities such as light to moderate hiking with outdoor sitting and walking meditation, kite flying, going to the beach, bird watching, picnics, and visiting local outdoor-oriented attractions such as nature centers, arboretums, and Block Island. All activities are open to Buddhist and non-Buddhist individuals alike. It is a wonderful way to connect with other people with similar interests.

Are we political or religious? We do not get involved with any sort of environmental advocacy and stay clear of any politics. In addition, we are non-denominational in the form of Buddhism we practice. We are just a bunch of open-minded Buddhists, Buddhaphiles, and spiritually minded people getting together to be in touch with the natural world, other homo sapiens, and the present moment.

When do we meet? We strive to gather once a month during the warmer seasons from May through November.

How much does it cost? All activities are free of charge except for any park entrance fees, tickets, tolls, lunch, etc.

What to bring on hikes? At least bring water and insect repellent; Take precautions for ticks; perhaps wear long pants on hikes. To learn more about ticks and how to prevent lyme disease, visit HERE.

How can you participate? To learn about Buddha Gaia activities, visit our Meetup site for our calendar of events HERE.

About our name

The name Buddha Gaia represents two cosmic and religious images and qualities. It unites the reality of Buddha, symbolic of the religion of awareness and compassion, with the ancient western mythological image of Gaia, the goddess of the Earth. Additionally, it may be seen as the unity of two basic universal forces: the Buddha may be seen to represent the proactive masculine power of the universe while Gaia is the metaphor for the nurturing feminine force of nature. Therefore, the Buddha and Gaia are in oneness as a living entity within us, working as a creative force for the general welfare and harmony.